Compressed Air Heater to 50CFM or more – 1200F/650C Max

• This high temperature, moderate volume air heater is principally
designed for continuous high temperature operations up to
1200ºF (650ºC), while supplying a good flow rate up to and in
excess of 50 CFM.
• This heater is especially suited for vacuum and pressure
environments, as well as other applications where a heavy duty
construction is desirable.
• Its design features include a nickel chromium heating element
supported inside of a high quality ceramic core. Its outside sheath
is stainless steel with heliarc welded and fittings. Its terminals are
a high quality ceramic-to-metal especially designed for heavy
loads and high pressures.
• Designed for moderate volume and high temperatures.
• Pressure rating is 100 psig at room temperature. Higher pressure
ratings are available. Consult factory.
• For temperature control, see page 54 and pages 131-134.
• Made in U.S.A.