1. Heliarc welded end seal.
  2. Mica.
  3. Series 300 stainless steel sheath of precision dimensions and tolerances for intimate, stable, non-oxidizing contact with cavities machined for them.
  4. Element wire situated in close proximity to outside surface for maximum heat transfer and minimum internal temperature while preserving good dielectric qualities.
  5. Magnesium oxide packing.
  6. Ceramic element support.
  7. Ceramic cap.
  8. Teflon insulated leads: 1 ⁄4″ diameter Fiberglass leads: 5 ⁄16″ – 3 ⁄4″ diameter Post terminals: 15⁄16″ – 23 ⁄8″

• Hotwatt Precision Cartridge Heaters provided localized heat to
restricted work areas requiring close thermal control. Dies,
platens, and a variety of other types of processing equipment are
efficiently heated. Closely controlled work temperatures up to
1250ºF are obtained by a combination of heater location and
proper wattage output.
• Basic designs are readily adaptable to a wide variety of special
requirements, sizes, or ratings.
• Maximum surface temperatures up to 1250º F.
• Designations are etched on the sheath to preserve accurate
• Heating elements arranged just beneath outside surface for
maximum heat transfer, minimum core temperature and faster
• Made in U.S.A.
• Where specified, units can be supplied liquid tight.
• Long, trouble free service.